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Starting and raising a family is a beautiful thing, and AXA Singapore wants to support you so that you can enjoy parenthood from day one, stress-free! Whether you wish to protect your pregnancy and unborn child against unforeseen complications for your pregnancy and unborn child, get coverage for the whole family, grow your investments or build yours and your children’s savings, AXA has these innovative packaged plans designed to suit your family’s needs.

For Mums & Babies
AXA Mum’s Advantage is designed to provide expectant mothers and their babies with the best of 2 unique plans.

  • First, you get peace of mind with MumCare – it helps to ease the cost of treatment arising from possible Pregnancy Complications1. Your baby is also ensured guaranteed protection against the 18 listed Congenital Illnesses2
  • Second, the in-built investment policy provides a financial head start in building upsavings for your child. You can even transfer the policy to your child's name within 60 days after birth, setting the foundation for your child's future.
1.   Pregnancy Complications benefit is payable only once and upon the date the child is born except for Postpartum Haemorrhage requiring Hysterectomy which continues for 30 days from the date of birth of the child. Other benefits under MumCare/MumCare Plus continue, subject to the terms and conditions listed in the product summary.          
2.   The Congenital Illness Benefit is payable only once. If the mother is carrying more than 1 foetus in the same pregnancy, this benefit will apply to each child.

For the Whole Family
AXA’s Family Advantage brings fathers into the picture too, creating a three-fold suite of benefits that supports families as you grow up and grow old together.

  • First, we begin with the pregnancy assurance you and your unborn child have received with MumCare.
  • Second, choose from a range of eight AXA Plans which range from investment to protect and savings plans, depending on your family's needs and goals you wish to achieve in life.
  • Third, on top of all this, you can also choose from protection or savings plans to ensure the well-being of your newborn child.

To congratulate you on your journey to parenthood, we are giving you a baby stroller organiser (2 designs to choose from).  Leave your name and contact here and our representative will contact you to provide you with more information.

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